Nexus Hub

    Nexus is for gamers by gamers; for fans, by fans. The Nexus exists as a community hub for gaming and pop culture, aiming to produce content in a unique way, engaging our readers on their level. Still operating within the larger AWX family, Nexus was born out of our already-vibrant online community.

    Striving to strike a balance between fandom and objectivity, the Nexus staff are intent on delivering balanced opinions and reviews. Not only is this a platform for reviews and opinions, but we will be your source for the latest and most relevant gaming news. Remembering the community aspect of Nexus, we intend to inform our readers in order to foster healthy discussion and debate around our shared interests.

    It is important to note that our opinions are our own. Our staff review based on genres and titles that interest them, the games they would have played anyway. For a more indepth discussion concerning who we are, how we came to be, and how we approach our reviews please read welcome to Nexus!.