Ekasi Tech Festival & Gaming Expo 2018

08:00 AM

E-kasi Tech Festival & Gaming Expo Event registration

E-kasi Tech Festival & Gaming Expo Opening Remarks

Transforming and revitalising the township economy through technology

The Session will look at policies and strategies that government needs to implement in order to develop a competitive township economy through technology

Tea Break 1

Shaping the Future of Education – Preparing the next generation with skills for future work

Cyberbullying: Empowering children and youth to be safe online and responsible digital citizens.

Day One Lunch

eKasi Women In Tech: Addressing the gender gap in the Tech Industry and inspiring the next generation of Women in Tech.

Developing a Vibrant Township Digital Economy

01:45 PM

Celebrating Successful Townships Start-up

Closing Remarks & Day 1 wrap up

08:00 AM

Welcome to Day 2 of E-kasi Tech Festival & Gaming Expo

09:00 AM
Opening Remarks

Game Design & Development: Market strategies and mechanism to grow the adoption and uptake of  locally developed games.

Tea Break

5 Indie Game Developers presenting their games

Show up your Start-up– Innovation and Creativity.

12:15 PM

Understanding Esports and Marketing : The economic opportunities

Developing Esports culture through grassroots programmes.

Esports – Turning your passion

Feed back on the Pitch the Game Session

Closing Remarks & Day 2 wrap up

08:00 AM

Welcome to day 3 of E-kasi Tech Festival & Gaming Expo

Gauteng Community Cup Finals:

  • Tekken 7
  • FIFA 2018


Girls in Gaming Exhibition Match


Counter-Strike Competitive Match